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Song-based Lessons in Guitar, Singing, and Songwriting to Build Your Repertoire

All classes are free and taught by volunteer professional teachers

Hey, you! 

Ever been asked to play or sing a song at a family or friends gathering? 
Found yourself racking your brain for a popular melody or wishing for a repertoire of music you had finesse on?
Felt like writing songs about your experiences and set those creative juices in motion?

You're at the right place

Here you can find highly targeted micro music lessons for you, the aspiring musician, so you can perfect that one (or two or many) songs. All classes are free and taught by professional teachers who volunteer their time.

Work towards an achievable musical goal

Learn from professional teachers

See your own progress

Gain poise and confidence by performing


Why MicroPlanes
Our Cause

Featured Classes 

Image by Marcus Neto


Confidently play chords and lead to popular guitar songs and wow your audience. Explore our guitar micro lessons.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 10.48.49


Fan of Disney musicals? Need to get that note just right? Check out the songs that our teachers are currently offering.

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 10.49.20


Need a creative outlet for your feelings and emotions? Learn the science behind songwriting.

Our Fans Say

The best part about this course? I was able to learn  a song from start to finish in one micro lesson and record it for my YouTube channel.

- Sara, 15

San Jose, CA

My twins took the guitar class and then performed  for their grandparents via Zoom. Loved how they were able to put together a polished performance and wow them! 

- Zach, Parent

Dublin, CA

Love that this service is free. I have recommended it to all my 4th grade parents and many have signed up for lessons. The accessibility to professional teachers is what we all need. 

- Mrs. Lee, Teacher

San Mateo, CA


Transforming music knowledge into targeted song playing, singing, and songwriting for all aspiring musicians. For Free.

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